Warning Signs of a Gas Leak

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Gas leaks are dangerous. It is important to know the signs of a gas leak, so the leak can be detected and repaired, reducing the risk of fire, explosions, death and destruction everything nearby.

Here are some sure fire signs of a gas leak that everyone should know about:

The “Rotten Egg” Smell

LPG and Natural gas has no colour or no odour at its purest state. It’s almost impossible to detect without help. So the manufacturer add a substance named Mercaptan to the gas so it is able to be detected by smell. Mercaptan smells like rotten egg, sulphur or cooked cabbage depending on its preparation. However, this smell is strong enough so it can be detected when there is a gas leak.

Although having a rotten egg smell, allergies, colds, cooking odours and alcohol may compromise the detection of leaks. If a rotten egg smell is noticed in your home or office, there could be a gas leak in need of repair immediately.

Colour of the Flame

Usually the flame on gas appliances should be a vibrant blue colour. This means the appliance is functioning properly. If you notice the colour of the flame takes on a more yellow or orange-ish blue, the appliance may be leaking more gas than it is combusting. In that case, look for professional help instead of trying to DIY the repair work.

The Sound

If you hear an unusual hissing, whistling or roaring sound near a gas line, immediately call your gas fitter or if required the fire department.

Physical Symptoms of the Property Dwellers

If there is a small leak in your property that has been there for quite a while, you be feeling physically ill. Anyone exposed to gas persistently may show symptoms of monoxide poisoning such as headaches, dizziness or light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness and vision problems etc.

Evacuate the property if you see warning signs of gas leak. Contact you gas fitter and get the leak repaired as soon as possible.

If safe to do so you should follow the procedure below before calling a professional gas plumber.

  • Turn the gas supply off at your gas meter or at the LPG cylinder
  • Shut down all gas and electrical appliances including any gas pilot lights
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation if it is safe to do so
  • Extinguish all naked flames and do not smoke

If you need professional, trustworthy gas repairers and fitters on the Gold Coast or in Logan, call our expert team at Gasco Services!

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