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Since 1988, Gasco Services has led the way in professional gas installation on the Gold Coast. Our fully qualified gas fitters and gas installation specialists use their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to deliver superior results with cost-effective solutions and friendly local service.

We cater for homeowners, businesses, caravans, motorhomes, boats, food vans and more that need gas installation from the Gold Coast to Logan and the Southside of Brisbane.


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Gas Types

Natural Gas (NG) Installation

If natural gas is available in your neighbourhood, your energy supplier can usually run a gas line between your street’s gas main to your home with a gas meter. Once the installation is complete, one of our highly qualified gas fitters can then install pipework and connect the gas to different outlets in your home or commercial premises.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Installation

If natural gas isn’t an option, an LPG gas bottle can be delivered to your premises where we can connect it to your chosen appliances. Our specialist gas installers are capable of installing LPG to any gas appliance in your home or business. We’re equipped to correctly perform all gas regulator installations to ensure your LPG bottles are operating safely and maintaining the right pressure.

Gas Installation Services

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Alfresco Heaters

Warm up your outdoor entertainment area with an alfresco heater. We can safely and effectively install outdoor heaters.We recommend and provide annual servicing on Alfresco Heaters to ensure safe operation and maximum burner efficiency.

Cooktops, Stoves & Ovens

Gas cooking is a hugely popular choice for both commercial and domestic kitchens. You’ll need a licensed gas installer to complete any gas installations. Our gas plumbers can also help you choose which appliances to connect based on your budget and kitchen plumbing.

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Hot Water Units

Get hot water when you need it. We’ll install, repair and maintain your hot water units so you can enjoy reduced energy consumption, lower bills and faster hot water.

Gas Heating Installation

Upgrade your heating by installing a gas heater or gas fireplace to keep you warm and comfortable in the winter. We can repair, service, replace or install new gas heaters as required so call us today.

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What Does Gas Installation Cost?

Gas installation costs in Australia vary and come down to a number of different factors, including the amount of pipework required, wall type, number of outlets and ease of access.

Most prices will range between $1200-$5000 for a standard installation.

At Gasco Services, we stand by our competitive pricing guarantee and offer our clients fair and honest quotes for our services. The cost of gas installation will depend on what you need done and the scale of the project and will be discussed prior to any work being started.


Fair & Honest Up Front Pricing Guarantee


Competitive Pricing Guarantee

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Gas Installation Regulations In QLD

In Queensland, it’s compulsory to display a gas compliance plate next to each newly installed gas appliance as well as hold a Gas System Compliance Certificate. Our licensed gas fitters will provide you with a gas compliance certificate and a plate that they will expertly attach beside each new gas appliance in your home or business.

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