Marine gas fitters Gold Coast

Installation, repairs, and servicing.

Safety is paramount on board a vessel. Gas is highly flammable and toxic so making sure all gas appliances, equipment and pipelines are fitted correctly and in line with Australian safety standards and regulations is critical.


Along with fitting new appliances, we can service and repair existing gas pipelines and gas appliances and we have the latest in gas leak detection technology should you suspect you have a gas leak.

Marine gas cylinders, regulators, and gas pipelines

We service, repair and replace gas appliances, gas regulators, gas piping, and gas cylinders in accordance with strict Australian safety regulations. We make sure that all gas fittings on boats and clearances around gas cylinders, pipework and components on boats are compliant with AS/NZS 5601.2:

We can inspect shut off valves, cylinder connections, hose assemblies, pipe supports and fittings on your vessel to ensure they are in a safe and compliant condition.

Gas cooking appliances

Every manufacturer has instructions as to how their gas appliances should be installed.

Rules in regards to how gas appliances must be stowed away and in what areas they can be installed are all important for safety. Our professional marine gas fitters will make sure that installations of cooking appliance are carried out in accordance with Australian standard requirements.

Gas refrigerators

As with any gas installation, marine gas refrigerators need to be fitted by a qualified marine gas plumber and certified to comply with Australian standards.

Gas instantaneous water heaters

Hot water systems for boats may require the installation of a special type of room-sealed water heater. Our gas fitters can install a room-sealed type water heater on your boat if required.

We offer a complete gas fitting service on the Gold Coast.
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We offer a complete gas fitting service on the Gold Coast.
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