How to Keep Your Marine Gas Appliances in Top Shape

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Surely we all love to have a great time when we’re sailing or cruising in a marine craft, not thinking about monotonous things like boat safety and the gas appliances. But it is crucially important to keep your marine gas appliances in top shape in order to avoid any unfortunate event when you’re on the water.

There are several types of marine gas appliances, such as gas cylinders and regulators, cooking appliances, refrigerators, instantaneous water heaters etc.

Get Gas Leaks Detected Before You Go

Before you start your voyage, check your boats gas appliances for a leaks. Gas leaks can be dangerous, even fatal. On water you may not be able to call the fire service, so call professional gas fitters and have your gas appliances inspected by them. If there is a leak, don’t ignore it no matter how small. Get the leak repaired.

Make Sure Regulations Are Followed

Installing gas appliances is no job for amateurs – who will not follow gas regulations or carry out compliance gas repairs or installations. Always use a licenced gas fitter who are capable of installation or working within current gas compliance requirements and within Australian Safety regulations. Make sure the shut off valves, cylinder connections, hose assemblies, pipe supports etc. on your vessel are fitted correctly. Remember that regulations are there for a reason, and following them may end up saving your property and life one day!

Clean, Clean, Clean

Keep the gas appliances, especially the cooking appliances clean. Make sure food does not block the gas injectors or burners. Check the appliance for corrosion and clean the corrosion thoroughly. Some people paint over corroded parts without cleaning it, but this just worsens the condition of your appliance.

Use Licenced Gas Fitters

As low cost as an amateur gas fitter seems to you, an unprofessional gas appliance installation will cost you more on the long run. Choose professional, certified experts for all gas installations or for any gas repairs. Make sure they are following the regulations while doing their job. Keep in mind that by carefully choosing your fitters, you are saving a lot of your money in the long run.

Taking precautions and cleaning the gas appliances on your marine vehicle will keep them in good shape and well-functioning for an extended period.

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