Why You Should Get A Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater

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Use the experience and expertise of Gasco Services and take advantage of never running out of hot water in your Gold Coast or Logan home by installing a continuous flow gas hot water unit.

Hot water systems can be run by electricity or gas, they can use a storage tank or be a tankless system. Which one do you choose when building or remodeling your home? The answer is, a gas continuous flow water heater (tankless).

The reasons you should choose a gas water heater are listed below:

Same Day Gas Hot Water Heater Replacements

Gasco Services can supply and install continuous flow gas hot water heaters as early as today! Just request a same day hot water unit replacement when you call our office! Conditions apply.

Eco Friendly

Gas water heating systems produce far less greenhouse gases (around 25-33% less) than electric hot water systems. By choosing to use gas water heaters instead of electric water heaters you will reduce your carbon footprint significantly. So if you care about environmental conservation, go for gas heaters!

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

Continuous flow hot water heaters do not store hot water, therefore water is instantly heated when it is needed. You are not wasting money keeping heated water in a storage tank waiting to be used and then having to reheat it when it cools down – making the continuous flow gas hot water unit energy efficient and cost effective.

Never Ending Hot Water

Eliminate the worry of not having enough hot water for everyone to shower. Should you have teenage daughters that refuse to have short showers or extra guests staying in the house, a continuous flow gas hot water unit will continuously produce hot water – on demand – whenever you need it. Forget about having a cold shower because others have used all of the hot water. Cal Gasco Services to install a continuous flow gas hot water unit.

Saves Space

Continuous flow gas hot water heaters are a tankless wall mounted unit. By mounting the relative small hot water unit on a wall, the need to a large space absorbing storage hot water unit is eliminated, allowing you to reclaim the laundry cupboard or outdoor area wasted when using a storage hot water unit.

Expert Advice

Being familiar with all of the major brands, we will be able to assist you with the selection of a gas hot water unit that best suits your needs, ensuring that you hot water demands are met. With over 200 years of combined experience in plumbing and gas fitting on the Gold Coast, in Logan and Brisbane you will be able to relax knowing that Gasco Services are your reliable hot water experts.

Product and Workmanship Warranty

Gasco Services advise you on what hot water units have the best produce warranties to that the hot water units installed is covered for as long as possible. We also prove a guarantee on our workmanship so you know you can trust Gasco Services to get the job done right the first time.

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