Gas Compliance Certificates

Legal Requirements for Gas Fitters in QLD

We can issue a gas compliance certificate

Queensland legislation of 2004 requires that any person who installs all or part of a gas system must provide a gas compliance certificate (Gas System Compliance Certificate) along with attaching a compliance plate for the gas system.

As licensed gas fitters, we supply all our clients based on the Gold Coast, Logan and surrounding Brisbane Southside suburbs with the relevant certificates whenever we carry out a gas installation of any kind. The gas compliance plate should be attached to a prominent place on or adjacent to the relevant gas meter, gas cylinder, gas compartment, isolation valve, or pressure regulator.

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Gas Compliance Certificate Installation

We attach our gas compliance plates with adhesive backing, screws or rivets, depending on the surface the certificate needs to be attached to, as well as producing a Gas system compliance certificate in triplicate with one (1) copy going to the owner of the gas system, one (1) copy being retained by the gas installer and one (1) copy going to the operator of the gas network.

We work with gas systems for domestic use and commercial use as well as gas systems in caravans, motorhomes, food vans, smoko vans and on boats.

By law, we must also report any defective or non-compliant gas system that we inspect. Our attention to detail and our rigorous testing and repair work means that you can rest assured knowing that any gas system we work with is safe and compliant.

About gas compliance certificates and gas compliance plates on the Gold Coast

Our gas fitting service involves installing such things as appliances and equipment for domestic use and commercial use. We work with all makes and brands of appliances and equipment using either natural gas or LPG.

We can assist you if you need a licensed gas fitter for any type of gas work for a caravan, a food truck, a motorhome, a boat, in your home and in your business.

We supply Type A gas compliance certificates and gas compliance plates to Australian standards regardless of the brand. Even with imported or custom built appliances, we’ll make sure your gas system is safe and compliant to Australian standards.

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